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The legend of the 60/40-Mix (Die Legende vom 60/40-Gemisch)

An evening of song

In 1958 East Germany's Ministry of Culture decreed that at least 60 percent of the popular music and dance tunes played at events must originate in socialist countries. The amount of "foreign" or Western music in an entertainer's repertoire could not exceed 40 percent. This "60:40 rule" helped to promote the
development of homegrown pop and rock music in East Germany. Now Elias Arens, Moritz Grove, Barbara Heynen, Sven Kaiser, Ole Lagerpusch, Ingo Schröder, Bernd Stempel and Katrin Wichmann take pleasure in testing out this mix, performing both classic songs and little known musical jewels.

October 9th | Bar
Direction & Concept: Lilja Rupprecht and Ingo Schröder
Boxes Nikolaus Frinke
Glad Rags Camilla Daemen
Video Jens Kuffel
Watching Juliane Koepp
Being useful Lea Ralfs

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Moritz Grove (Director), Bernd Stempel (Narrator), Katrin Wichmann (Paula), Ole Lagerpusch (Paul), Barbara Heynen (Paul's wife), Elias Arens (Colly)

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