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Foto: Arno Declair
The image shows: Matthias Neukirch
Foto: Arno Declair
The image shows: Matthias Neukirch
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Hans Schleif

Tracing the Past

"Now it’s bound to work out – in really good times virtue always prevails!" Those optimistic words belonged to Hans Schleif. He was an architect and an archaeologist, a renowned scholar, a professor of classical archaeology, a family man – and a high-ranking member of the SS, Hitler’s much-feared paramilitary organization. Schleif’s grandson Matthias Neukirch, an actor at the Deutsches Theater, began tracing his grandfather’s paradoxical history. He pored through old documents, conducted research in archives and asked family members for their recollections. The actor’s search led him right to the present and back to himself.

October 13, 2011
Director Julian Klein

Matthias Neukirch


09. July 2015, 19.30 - 21.40 Uhr, price group B sold out / remaining tickets at the box office

Bild / Visual zu Hans Schleif