Mine and Yours

What do we need?

Art. Boundaries. A Bed. To Belong. Consciousness. Chaos. Campsites. Challenges. Change. Deeds. Detours. Education. Energy Supplies. Freedom. Food. A Future. Rules of the Game. Heroes. Something for the Heart. A Home. An Idea where things are headed. Identification. Individuality. A Joker. Justice. To Keep going. Language. A certain Level of Luxury. To Live on Love alone. To Live together. Meaning. To Make Mistakes. Money. Music. Not much. Openness. Papers. Politics. Pop. The Pursuit of Happiness. Quality. Regulations on the movement of capital. Risk research. Rituals, Role models, Security. Solidarity. Space. Teamwork, Theatre. Things. Togetherness. Truth. Universal themes. A Vacation. Vision. A Voice. A Way out. Someone to tell us What’s What. Xmas spirit. Xenophilia. A Youthful outlook. Yin and Yang. Zen. Zest for life.

Will we need another planet soon?  How many calories do we need? Do we need more growth? Do we need a return to traditional values? Do we need a driver's license to navigate Twitter? What kind of security do we need? Do we need a scapegoat? Do we need the Deutschmark back? Do we need a saviour? Do we need a quota for women in upper management? Do we need tougher sentences for young offenders? Do we need true love? What do I need to survive this evening? What do you need to be happy? What do we need to create the society of the future? Why do we need theatre?  Does theatre need us? What's mine and what's yours?
We’re kicking off the new theatre season by asking the question: "What do we need?" Our search for answers provides the impetus for us to come together, to form groups and bonds, to discuss things, to make theatre. Together with you we hope to find out which visions, which spaces, which stories we need. We're looking forward to seeing you, whether at our Fall Camp, our Kids’ Room stage, in the classroom, at our club ‘Spiel.Raum’ or in the spotlight. We need you!

Birgit Lengers & Kristina Stang
Young DT

Do we need astronauts? Do we need the German president? Do we need a German version of Islam? How many languages do we need? What do we need experts for? Do we need books anymore? Do we still need war graves? Why do we need heroes? Do we really need the Internet? Do we need to be protected from Facebook? Do we need God? Do we need video evidence? Do we need new security solutions for cyberspace? What does a baby need? Do we really need the Social Democrats? Why do we need genders? Do we need to eat meat? Do we need the courage to be happy? How much education do we need? Do we need a new policy on Africa? Why do we need money? How much do we need to keep secret?