In Third Person

by Data Tavadze, Davit Gabunia, Sima Djabar Zadegan
Editing Roman Kuskowski
Music Nika Pasuri
Digital Radar Ost
19 - 21 June
Premiere: 10 minutes, on demand
Virtual space: Deutsches Theater
In German language
A coproduction of the Royal District Theatre (Tbilisi/Georgia) and Deutsches Theater Berlin
Gérôme Castell
Nikolo Ghviniashvili
Gérôme Castell, Nikolo Ghviniashvili

What's on

based on the graphic novel by Liv Strömquist
Director: Katharina Bill
19.30 - 21.05
sold out
perh. remaining tickets at evening box office
With English surtitles
by Lukas Bärfuss
director: András Dömötör
DT Bühne
20.00 - 21.10