Leonce and Lena (Leonce und Lena)

by Georg Büchner
Director and Stage Ulrich Rasche
Composition and musical direction Nico van Wersch
Choir Direction Toni Jessen
Choreography Jefta van Dinther
Collaboration Music Jonathan Heck
Dramaturgy David Heiligers
20 January 2023
Deutsches Theater

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes, no intermission

Zazie Cayla
Toni Jessen
Marcel Kohler
Philipp Lehfeldt
Linda Pöppel
Yannik Stöbener
Ingraban von Stolzmann
Alida Stricker
Enno Trebs
Julia Windischbauer
Almut Zilcher
Carsten BrockerLive Music
Katelyn Rose KingLive Music
Špela MastnakLive Music
Thomsen MerkelLive Music

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