The Day I was No Longer Me (Der Tag, als ich nicht ich mehr war)

Director Anne Lenk
Set Judith Oswald
Dramaturgy Sonja Anders
World premiere
12 January 2018, Kammerspiele
Camill JammalThe man
Elias Arens(and the other man)
Franziska MachensThe woman
Maike Knirsch(and the other woman)
Tabitha FrehnerThe daughter
Jeremy MockridgeThe son
The man
(and the other man)
The woman
(and the other woman)
The daughter

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Open DT (Offenes DT)

Information evening on asylum, residence and social law
In cooperation with the Refugee Law
Clinic Berlin (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
Further information here
Free admission
Public Rehearsal
by Rosa von Praunheim
Director: Rosa von Praunheim

Heart of a dog (Hundeherz)

based on the story by Mikhail Bulgakov
Director: Lilja Rupprecht
20.00 - 21.25
sold out
perh. remaining tickets at evening box office