The Wild Duck (Die Wildente)

by Henrik Ibsen
Costumes Anja Rabes
Lights Robert Grauel
Dramaturgy John von Düffel
13 June 2021
Deutsches Theater

Anja SchneiderGerdis Werle
Paul GrillHjalmar Ekdal
Judith HofmannGina, his wife
Linn ReusseHedvig, her daughter
Peter René LüdickeDr. Relling
Gerdis Werle
Hjalmar Ekdal
Gina, his wife
Hedvig, her daughter
Dr. Relling

What's on

Performance has been cancelled
Director: Data Tavadze

Due to illness in the ensemble the show of everyman (dies) (jedermann (stirbt) is cancelled tonight. Tickets can be returned or exchanged within 14 days. Please either contact us by email at, stating your IBAN, or call the box office at +49 30 28441-225.

by René Pollesch
Director: René Pollesch
Deutsches Theater
20.30 - 21.45