Agony (Agonie)

A Tsarist didactic play about the last days of the Romanov dynasty
August 1914, the beginning of the First World War. European social democracy supports the positions of each of the national governments. The Second International is collapsing. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is in Switzerland, sitting in a library and reading Hegel’s 'The Science of Logic'. In the Russian province, a pilgrim preacher – Rasputin – is fighting for his life after an attempted murder. He had tried, unsuccessfully, to warn the tsars about the conflict with Germany. Soon Russia’s domestic political situation becomes explosive and the war demands people and material. In autumn 1916, Rasputin senses that his own violent death is approaching. He writes to the tsar: “When you hear the bell that tells you Grigori has been assassinated, then you must know the following: if your relatives were the ones who caused my death, then no one in your family, not one of your relatives’ children, will live longer than two years. They will be killed by the Russian people.” Scarcely a year later, the Bolsheviks took over power. Tom Kühnel and Jürgen Küttner examine the contours of a continental crisis.
Costumes Daniela Selig
Dramaturgy Claus Caesar
World Premiere September 1, 2013
Moritz GroveZarewitsch Alexej Romanow/Großfürst Dmitrij Pawlowitsch
Jörg PoseZar Nikolai II.
Helmut MooshammerGroßfürst Nikolai Nikolajewitsch Romanow/Alexander Dmietriewitsch Protopopow/Manus/Jakov
Katharina Marie SchubertZarin Alexandra Feodorowna
Daniel HoevelsPremierminister/Felix Felixowitsch Fürst Jussupow/Oberpriester
Natali SeeligMaria Feodorowna/Anna Alexandrowna Wyrubowa/Badmajew
Jürgen KuttnerArzt/General Michael Alexejew/Fürst Andronikow/Dr. Lazawert/Spekulant
Michael SchweighöferGrigorij Jefimowitsch Rasputin
Lina BookhagenTochter des Zaren
Mila LauschTochter des Zaren
Helena LengersTochter des Zaren
Collien NoackTochter des Zaren
Carla PaulusTochter des Zaren
Delphine PinkowskiTochter des Zaren
Karolin WiegersTochter des Zaren
Zarewitsch Alexej Romanow/Großfürst Dmitrij Pawlowitsch
Zar Nikolai II.
Großfürst Nikolai Nikolajewitsch Romanow/Alexander Dmietriewitsch Protopopow/Manus/Jakov
Zarin Alexandra Feodorowna
Premierminister/Felix Felixowitsch Fürst Jussupow/Oberpriester
Maria Feodorowna/Anna Alexandrowna Wyrubowa/Badmajew
Arzt/General Michael Alexejew/Fürst Andronikow/Dr. Lazawert/Spekulant
Grigorij Jefimowitsch Rasputin
Lina Bookhagen, Mila Lausch, Helena Lengers, Collien Noack, Carla Paulus, Delphine Pinkowski, Karolin Wiegers
Tochter des Zaren

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With English surtitles
by Heinrich von Kleist
Director: Anne Lenk
Deutsches Theater
20.00 - 21.30