The Cherry Orchard (Der Kirschgarten)

by Anton Tschechow, edited by Thomas Brasch
Costumes Anja Rabes
Dramaturgy Claus Caesar
Premiere February 24, 2012
Nina HossMadame Lyubov Andreievna Ranevskaya - a landowner
Natalia BelitskiAnya - Lyubov's daughter
Meike DrosteVarya - Lyubov's adopted daughter
Christoph FrankenLeonid Andreieveitch Gayev - the brother of Madame Ranevskaya
Felix GoeserYermolai Alexeievitch Lopakhin - a merchant
Elias ArensPeter Trofimov - a student
Jürgen HuthBoris Borisovich Simeonov-Pishchik - a landowner
Angela MeyerCharlotta Ivanovna - a governess
Harald BaumgartnerSemyon Yepikhodov, a clerk
Katrin WichmannDunyasha - a housemaid
Helmut MooshammerFirs - a manservant
Thomas SchumacherYasha - a young manservant
Madame Lyubov Andreievna Ranevskaya - a landowner
Anya - Lyubov's daughter
Varya - Lyubov's adopted daughter
Leonid Andreieveitch Gayev - the brother of Madame Ranevskaya
Yermolai Alexeievitch Lopakhin - a merchant
Peter Trofimov - a student
Boris Borisovich Simeonov-Pishchik - a landowner
Charlotta Ivanovna - a governess
Semyon Yepikhodov, a clerk
Dunyasha - a housemaid
Firs - a manservant
Yasha - a young manservant

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