Children of the Shadows

by Nuran David Calis loosely based on Heinrich Leopold Wagner's play 'The Child Murderess'
Eva, the daughter of a wealthy and respectable family, falls in love with Grönsbeck, the  doorman at a nightclub. However Eva is also fond of Magista, one of her father's business partners. Eva knows how much this relationship means to her father Humbrecht and she realises why. Humbrecht's wife died young and he is  anxious not to lose his daughter too; he believes that if she chooses Magista  then everything will remain as it is. When Eva discovers that she is pregnant, Grönsbeck declares his intention to provide for the child -- and heads south to earn money. Eva waits for him, and confides in her father and her best friend. But when the baby is born, she sees just one way out.  Heinrich Leopold Wagner wrote his bourgeois tragedy 'The Childmurderess' in 1776. With powerful exuberance and a language which perfectly captured the differences in social status, Wagner told the story of a couple torn apart by class distinctions and differing moral values.  Now writer and director Nuran David Calis has reworked Heinrich Leopold Wagner's Sturm und Drang drama and brought it into the modern day.
Production Design Irina Schicketanz
Music Vivan Bhatti
Dramaturgy Claus Caesar
World Premiere May 6, 2010
Olivia GräserEva
Claudia EisingerLisa
Ulrich MatthesMagista
Matthias NeukirchFather
Christoph FrankenGrönsbeck
Mike AdlerAbraham
Johannes SchäferBrückel

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