Criminal of Lost Honour (Verbrecher aus verlorener Ehre)

based on the play by Friedrich Schiller
"I entered the fortification,” he said, "as an erring man, and I left it – a villain."   Schiller’s 'The Criminal of Lost Honour' from 1792 is based on the true story of Christian Wolf. Born deformed, he found himself the object of ridicule. His father had died when he was very young and, after being rejected by his beloved Johanne, Christian goes astray. In an attempt to win Johanne’s favour, he poaches game, but is caught and sent to prison. After being branded for his crime, Christian literally becomes a marked man and is shunned by society. Driven by a desire for revenge and his hatred of humanity in general, this outcast commits a murder. On the run he meets a band of robbers and becomes their leader; this gang of thieves finally gives him the respect he has always longed for. But Christian comes to recognize the error of his ways and naively hopes to lead a respectable life. When his attempts to do this fail, Christian tries to leave the country but is soon captured…   How does a person become a criminal? Taking this question as his starting point, director Simon Solberg intersperses Schiller’s critique of the justice and prison systems with documentary material about modern-day offenders.
Director Simon Solberg
Costumes Maike Storf
Video Bert Zander
Research and interviews Dirk Schneider
Premiere November 22, 2012
Elias ArensScientist/Robert
Christoph FrankenScientist/Christian Wolf
Özgür KaradenizScientist/Landlord/Singer
Helmut MooshammerScientist/Mother
Olivia GräserScientist/Hannchen
Kathleen MorgeneyerScientist/Hannchen
Norman Bürger
Markus Pohle
Scientist/Christian Wolf
Norman Bürger, Markus Pohle

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With English surtitles
by Heinrich von Kleist
Director: Anne Lenk
Deutsches Theater
20.00 - 21.30