Electra (Elektra)

by Sophokles
German translation by Peter Krumme Years ago, Clytemnestra killed her husband Agamemnon with a net and axe, since when she has ruled over Mycenae at the side of Aegisthus. Only one of her two daughters, Chrysothemis, has come to terms with the situation. Electra, on the other hand, desperately awaits the return of the avenger with whose help she can finally kill her mother: her brother Orestes, who after Agamemnon’s death was secretly taken away from the palace. But then Electra receives the news that Orestes has died in an accident. Believing she is now completely alone, she decides to avenge her father’s death herself. Unlike Aeschylus, who incorporated the story of Electra into his Oresteia trilogy as a more straightforward tale of justice, Sophocles leaves many of the questions thrown up by the myth unanswered: questions about guilt and innocence, action and inaction, free will and destiny.
Premiere November 22, 2013
Michael SchweighöferAn Old Man
Felix GoeserOrestes
Katharina Marie SchubertElectra
Tabea BettinChorus
Anita VulesicaChorus
Susanne WolffChorus
Tabea BettinChrysothemis
Susanne WolffClytemestra
Andreas DöhlerAegisthus
Masha QrellaLive-musician
Michael MühlhausLive-musician
Damian FinkYoung Orestes
Karolin WiegersYoung Elektra, video
Damian Fink
Young Orestes
Karolin Wiegers
Young Elektra, video

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