europa escapes to europe

a dramatic poem in a series of tableaus
Stage design Michela Flück
Costumes Korbinian Schmidt
Music Levent Pinarci
Stage lighting Norbert Gottwald
Dramaturgy Florian Hirsch
World premiere
22 June 2018, Deutsches Theater
Sven Dolinski
Alina Fritsch
Dorothee Hartinger
Marta Kizyma
Valentin Postlmayr
Marie-Luise Stockinger
Sven Dolinski, Alina Fritsch, Dorothee Hartinger, Marta Kizyma, Valentin Postlmayr, Marie-Luise Stockinger

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Open air
by Anna Seghers
Director: Alexander Riemenschneider
20.00 - 21.40
sold out
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