hamlet is dead. no gravity

by Ewald Palmetshofer
Dani and Mani have returned home. It’s their grandmother’s birthday and Hannes, an old friend, has died. At his funeral Dani and Mani see Bine and Oli again. It’s an uneasy reunion, as the four of them were once very close and involved in complicated relationships. Now Bine und Oli are married while Dani and Mani have wound up empty-handed in more ways than one. Hamlet ist tot. keine schwerkraft recounts how people tense up in unwanted situations, how they come to a standstill when things seem hopeless. The play is about people who no longer feel at home anywhere – not with their families or as part of a couple, not in world history or in their own personal one. Ewald Palmetshofer – named  “Best Young Dramatist of 2008” in trade journal Theater heute’s yearly critics’ survey –penned this study of malice, despair and obsession. Alexander Riemenschneider is staging the drama with third-year students from Berlin’s Ernst Busch School of Performing Arts.
Set Rimma Starodubzeva
Dramaturgy Meike Schmitz
Premiere December 5, 2010
Kooperation mit der HfS "Ernst Busch"
Helmut MooshammerKurt, a father
Barbara SchnitzlerCaro, a mother
Christian LöberOli, a good friend
Moritz GottwaldMani, a son
Antonia BillDani, a daughter
Johanna GriebelBine, a good friend
Kurt, a father
Caro, a mother
Christian Löber
Oli, a good friend
Moritz Gottwald
Mani, a son
Antonia Bill
Dani, a daughter
Johanna Griebel
Bine, a good friend

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