A Junges DT production

I grew up on a scrapyard where I learnt to survive on hubcaps and bumpers

based on the novel by Antonia Baum
World Premiere March 13, 2016
Linn ReusseRomy
Luzie PriegannRomy
Sefa AgnewRomy
Benjamin LillieClint
Paul StiehlerClint
Oskar von SchönfelsClint
Thorsten HierseJonny
Philipp DjokicJonny
Bruno LieblerJonny
Linn Reusse, Luzie Priegann, Sefa Agnew
Benjamin Lillie, Paul Stiehler, Oskar von Schönfels
Thorsten Hierse, Philipp Djokic, Bruno Liebler

What's on

Open air
by Anna Seghers
Director: Alexander Riemenschneider
20.00 - 21.40
sold out
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