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Worker stories at the bar by Anne Jelena Schulte
Author Anne Jelena Schulte tracked down the last remaining old people in Prenzlauer Berg and uncover stories, collected biographies from the time of reunification, and recorded memories from the workers’ era, the GDR. How was it? How have things changed? What fractured life histories are hidden behind the freshly renovated façades of the apartment buildings in Prenzlauer Berg? The result is a choir of voices, ghostly and modern, philosophical and petit bourgeois, sad and powerful. A choir that has long been silent comes to voice.
Director Antje Thoms
Set Veronika Witlandt
Costumes Sophie Leypold
Dramaturgy Ulrich Beck
Premiere October 14, 2014
Maren Eggert
Matthias Neukirch
Barbara Schnitzler
Timo Weisschnur

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