Go to hell, Ingo Sachs (Fahr zur Hölle, Ingo Sachs)

an action-musical by Studio Braun (Rocko Schamoni, Heinz Strunk, Jacques Plaminger)
Director Studio Braun
Orchestra André Matov (guitar), Charlotte Greve (alto saxophone, flute, bass clarinet), Christopher Colaco (piano), Derek Scherzer (percussion), Florian Menzel (principal trumpet), Geoffroy Dabrock (trombone), Gregor Fuhrmann (cello), Isabel Würdinger (2nd violin), Jenny Marielle Dilg (1st violin), Johannes Böhmer (2nd trumpet), Jörg Hochapfel (keyboard), Malte Schiller (tenor saxophone, flute), Marie Renault (viola), Runa Isene (1st violin), Sherin Sorour (2nd violin), Tom Berkmann (double bass)
Video Eva Könnemann
Dramaturgy Anika Steinhoff
World Premiere November 18, 2011
Felix GoeserCharles Bronson / Michael Coolhaze
Ole LagerpuschIngo Sachs
Moritz GroveSpank / Coby Burner / Luther
Anita VulesicaBonnie / Mammy
Katrin WichmannJeanette / Dotty
Jens RachutHost / Clown / Cat
Rocko SchamoniShaggy
Heinz StrunkMother Coolhaze
Jacques PalmingerBlue Note
Malin Nagel / Hannes OppermannLive-Camera / Clapperboard
Nicole LoweryMake-up woman Mila
Lara ScherpinskiSound
Martina Jonigkscript girl
Studio Braunas Studio Braun
Charles Bronson / Michael Coolhaze
Ingo Sachs
Spank / Coby Burner / Luther
Bonnie / Mammy
Jeanette / Dotty
Host / Clown / Cat
Mother Coolhaze
Blue Note
Malin Nagel / Hannes Oppermann
Live-Camera / Clapperboard
Nicole Lowery
Make-up woman Mila
Lara Scherpinski
Martina Jonigk
script girl
as Studio Braun

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