The Farcical Darkness (Die lächerliche Finsternis)

by Wolfram Lotz
"Why can’t I be friendly, why can’t I be a bit open towards these other creatures?" In Afghanistan, two soldiers are searching for a Lieutenant Colonel who murdered his comrades in a fit of madness. On their journey into the darkness they encounter figures that range from mysterious to insane: a Somali fisherman, whose fishing grounds have been depleted by rich nations and who now makes ends meet as a professional pirate; Italian UN soldiers, who are monitoring the mining of coltan for the production of mobile phones; and a civil-war refugee from the Balkans, who lives on a canoe and sells noodles, fitted bed sheets and investment funds. In his play, which is inspired by both Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’ and Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Apocalypse Now’, Wolfram Lotz describes a world in which time and space seem to have lost all meaning. The journey down the river leads ever deeper into the “heart of the apocalypse”, in which West Europeans struggle to find their way.
Production Design Claudia Kalinski
Dramaturgy Ulrich Beck
Premiere December 14, 2014
Alexander KhuonOliver Pellner
Moritz GroveStefan Dorsch / Tofdau
Kathleen MorgeneyerSomalian pirat / Lodetti / Deutinger / Stojković / Reverend Carter / The parrot
Till-Jan Meinen
Valentin Olbrich
Marof Yaghoubi
Oliver Pellner
Stefan Dorsch / Tofdau
Somalian pirat / Lodetti / Deutinger / Stojković / Reverend Carter / The parrot
Till-Jan Meinen, Valentin Olbrich, Marof Yaghoubi

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