Country of First Things (Land der ersten Dinge/Bludičky)

by Nino Haratischwili
The German-Georgian playwright Nino Haratischwili sets two women on a collision course: Lara, a formerly successful judge from the West, and Natalia, her Eastern European nurse. While the two women try to get on with their daily routine despite cultural and personal differences, their memories catch up with them and they are forced to confront the shadows of their past. ‘Land der ersten Dinge/Bludička’ is one of five productions that came out of the European theatre cooperation ‘The Art of Ageing/Die Kunst des Alterns’. The project was developed by the European Theatre Convention (ETC) and supported by funds from the European Commission.
Dramaturgy Ulrich Beck, Miriam Kičiňová, Peter Pavlac
Projektleitung Christa Müller, Radana Hromníková
Premiere in Bratislava November 27, 2014 November 14, 2014 world premiere
Co-Produktion with the Slovakian National Theatre Bratislava
Cooperation with UdK Berlin
Gabriele HeinzLara
Emília VášáryováNatalia
Dušan JamrichDavid
Eric WehlanMika

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