The Maid of Orleans (Die Jungfrau von Orleans)

by Friedrich Schiller
Berlin-premiere September 27, 2013
A co-production with Salzburger Festspiele
Michael GerberThibaut d'Arc, a wealthy Countryman
Kathleen MorgeneyerJohanna, his daughter
Christoph FrankenCharles the Seventh, King of France
Meike DrosteAgnes Sorel, his lover
Andreas DöhlerEarl Dunois, Bastard of Orleans
Henning VogtDucratel, French Officer
Jürgen HuthLa Hire, French Officer
Almut ZilcherQueen Isabel, Charles' mother
Peter MoltzenPhilip the Good, Duke of Burgundy
Markus GrafTalbot, the English General
Alexander KhuonLionel, English Officer
Thibaut d'Arc, a wealthy Countryman
Johanna, his daughter
Charles the Seventh, King of France
Agnes Sorel, his lover
Earl Dunois, Bastard of Orleans
Ducratel, French Officer
La Hire, French Officer
Queen Isabel, Charles' mother
Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy
Talbot, the English General
Lionel, English Officer

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