The beauty of East-Berlin (Die Schönheit von Ost-Berlin)

A Ronald-M.-Schernikau-Collage
Director Bastian Kraft
Costumes Inga Timm
Dramaturgy John von Düffel
World Premiere November 7, 2014
Margit BendokatThe Mother
Elias ArensRonald M. Schernikau
Thorsten HierseRonald M. Schernikau
Wiebke MollenhauerRonald M. Schernikau
Bernd MossRonald M. Schernikau

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Deutsches Theater
19.30 - 21.00
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the templar knight (der tempelherr)

a play for edification
by Ferdinand Schmalz
Director: Philipp Arnold
We are sorry to cancel the templar knight (der tempelherr) by Ferdinand Schmalz tonight. Tickets already bought will be refunded or exchanged at the box office within two weeks.
20.00 - 21.20