Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

by Edward Albee
In the German translation by Pinkas Braun, revised by Bernd Wilms "Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" – probably most of the children who’ve ever heard the song composed for the Walt Disney short film 'The Three Little Pigs'. In Edward Albee’s play, the characters turn the song into a party joke and – because they’re educated and cynical – replace the wolf in the title with writer Virginia Woolf. Unfortunately, the protagonists are unable to set aside their own fears as easily. An American college campus provides the setting. Martha, the 52-year-old daughter of the college president and her husband George, a middle-aged history lecturer, have just come home from a party. It’s late and they’ve already had a lot to drink when guests show up. Nick is an athletic young biologist who has just arrived on campus with his delicate, 26-year-old wife named Honey. Soon a merciless battle begins, a war with minor triumphs and major defeats. Four magnificently desperate, pitiful and absurd protagonists take part in this magnificently messed-up showdown. Corinna Harfouch and Ulrich Matthes play Martha and George in Albee’s showpiece for actors. They’re supported by Katharina Schmalenberg and Alexander Khuon, who assume the roles of Honey and Nick. The production received numerous honours, including an invitation to stage the play at Berlin’s “Theatertreffen” – an annual festival that presents the year’s best German-language theatre productions. For his role as George, Ulrich Matthes was named “Actor of the Year 2005” by an independent jury of theatre critics and won the Gertrud Eysoldt Ring for his outstanding performance.
Director Jürgen Gosch
Set / Costumes Johannes Schütz
Premiere November 18, 2004
Corinna HarfouchMartha
Alexander KhuonNick
Ulrich MatthesGeorge
Katharina SchmalenbergHoney

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