Yellow Line

by Charlotte Roos,Juli Zeh
A cow falls from the sky and sinks the boat of a North-African fisherman. Soon after, the fisherman is picked up by border-protection group Frontex and arrested as a presumed terrorist. A few hundred kilometres away, web-designer Paul – accompanied by his girlfriend Helene, who has just auctioned herself off in a performance to benefit the Libyan revolution – sits in an all-inclusive hotel and despairs at the restrictiveness and controlling nature of late-capitalistic society. Writers Charlotte Roos and Juli Zeh piece together what seem, at first, to be unconnected events to create a fast-paced comedy about the Western longing for revolt, the Arab Spring and the question of how much freedom we are willing to sacrifice for our security.
Music/Sounddesign Thies Mynther
Dramaturgy Ulrich Beck
German-language premiere September 12, 2013
Anita VulesicaHelene/Human rights activist/Mubarak
Sebastian GrünewaldPaul/Frontex/Builder of a fence/Lawyer
Franziska MachensClara/Interpreter/Security Officer
Benjamin LillieSteward/Employee in a Spa/Pilot
Helene/Human rights activist/Mubarak
Paul/Frontex/Builder of a fence/Lawyer
Clara/Interpreter/Security Officer
Steward/Employee in a Spa/Pilot

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