DT on tour

by Jakob Nolte based on Miguel de Cervantes
Director: Jan Bosse
Co-production with Bregenzer Festspiele
Bregenz, Austria
20 + 22 + 23 July 2019
based on Coriolanus, Julius Caesar and Anthony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare
Director: Karin Henkel
Gdynia, Poland
4 August 2019
Showcase Beat Le Mot, based on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm
Zurich, Switzerland
17 + 18 August 2019

20 + 21 September 2019
by Andres Veiel in collaboration with Jutta Doberstein
Director: Andres Veiel
Co-production with the Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss
Seoul, Korea
20 + 21 September 2019