Junges DT

There will be no title here (Hier wird kein Titel stehen)

A play development by Sarah Kurze and Junges DT
Director Sarah Kurze
Set and costumes Janja Valjarević
Dramaturgy Maura Meyer
Video Roman Kuskowski
19 February 2022

Duration: 75 minutes, no intermission

Lilli Dezius
Tilman Döbler
Marlene Engberding
Joséphine Lou Falkenstein
Leo Herrmann
Malia Kassin
Carla Pugnat
Tobias Radcke
Lilli Dezius, Tilman Döbler, Marlene Engberding, Joséphine Lou Falkenstein, Leo Herrmann, Malia Kassin, Carla Pugnat, Tobias Radcke

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