In A Real Tragedy, It Is Not The Heroine Who Dies;
It Is The Chorus

Director and Author Ksenia Ravvina
Dramaturgy Tina Ebert
Videodesign and Posterdesign Daniel Hughes
Music and Sounddesign Alexandar Hadjiev
Light Design Iana Boitcova
Production Federico Vöcks de Schwindt, Francesca Spisto
Videoassistance Rocio Rodriguez
Joanna Harries
Translation Lisa Homburger, Rachel Mathews
Radar Ost 2021
7 – 10 October

7 October 2021
Yang Ge
Leicy Valenzuela

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With English surtitles
by Sarah Kane
Director: Ulrich Rasche
Deutsches Theater
18.00 - 20.50
Youthclub 12+

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Director: Kristina Stang
For the last time
With English surtitles
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Director: Jossi Wieler
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