Long Night of the Playwrights (Lange Nacht der Autor:innen)

Three new plays in one piece
To the Marten the Pigeon / Gaia at the Deutsches Theater (GÖ) / Temptation
by Caren Jeß, Nele Stuhler and Lukas Bärfuss

To the Marten the Pigeon (Dem Marder die Taube)

by Caren Jeß

Two women on the edge of society: Erike is a nurse and lives at home in her own bizarre world; Theta has left her former life and shares everything she has with the pigeons. City and allotment, animal and human, life with the dead: Caren Jeß's new play takes us into the in-between worlds of an unusual friendship.

Created as part of the Berliner Ensemble-Dramatiker:innen-Fonds, supported by the Heinz und Heide Dürr Stiftung.

Stage design Katja Haß
Costumes Sigi Colpe
Lighting design Robert Grauel
Dramaturgy John von Düffel

Gaia at the Deutsches Theater (Gaia am Deutschen Theater) (GÖ)

by Nele Stuhler

Gaia is the earth mother and creator of the world - for the Autor:innentheatertage she has become the house and court goddess in recent years. The first two parts of Nele Stuhler's Gaia trilogy were shown at the Deutsches Theater, the Kammerspiele and Open Air. For the Autor:innentheatertage 2023, the trilogy comes to its conclusion.
Director Sarah Kurze
Stage design Janja Valjarević
Lighting design Robert Grauel
Dramaturgical support Junges DT Maura Meyer

Temptation (Verführung)

by Lukas Bärfuss

We like to be seduced. But not by everyone and certainly not to everything. But those who have mastered political, amorous or religious seduction with a high pile of stakes can easily ignore such resistance. For perhaps true seduction only begins when the self's own leadership comes to an end. With his new play, Lukas Bärfuss gets to the bottom of the erotic and political dimensions of imposture.
Stage design Magda Willi
Costumes Fruzsina Nagy
Lighting design Robert Grauel
Dramaturgy Juliane Koepp
Long Night of the Playwrights (Lange Nacht der Autor:innen)
30 April 2023

Further dates:
13. und 27. Mai; 10. und 24. Juni

Duration: approx. 4 hours 50 minutes incl. two intermissions
Paul Grill
Linn Reusse
Anja Schneider
Sidney Fahlisch
Ananda Luna Cruz Grünbauer
Elias Arens
Harald Baumgartner
Maren Eggert
Lorena Handschin
Lisa Hrdina
Bernd Moss
Linda Pöppel
Caner Sunar
Lilli Dezius
Jurek Lane Mio Südhoff
Marlene Engberding
Joséphine Lou Falkenstein
Malia Kassin
Samuel WieseLive music
Ulrich Matthes
Birgit Unterweger
Julia Windischbauer
Tamás MatkóLive music

To the Marten the Pigeon (Dem Marder die Taube)

Paul Grill, Linn Reusse, Anja Schneider, Sidney Fahlisch, Ananda Luna Cruz Grünbauer

Gaia at the Deutsches Theater (Gaia am Deutschen Theater) (GÖ)

Elias Arens, Harald Baumgartner, Maren Eggert, Lorena Handschin, Lisa Hrdina, Bernd Moss, Linda Pöppel, Caner Sunar, Lilli Dezius, Jurek Lane Mio Südhoff, Marlene Engberding, Joséphine Lou Falkenstein, Malia Kassin
Live music

Temptation (Verführung)

Live music

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