by Sophokles
Director / Stage Ulrich Rasche
Composition and Music Director Nico van Wersch
Choral conducting Toni Jessen
Participation Stage Leonie Wolf
Costumes Clemens Leander
Marcel Braun, Martin Person
Dramaturgy David Heiligers
28 August 2021
Deutsches Theater

Duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes
Elias Arens
Manuel Harder
Toni Jessen
Kathleen Morgeneyer
Linda Pöppel
Yannik Stöbener
Enno Trebs
Julia Windischbauer
Almut Zilcher
Carsten Brocker, Katelyn King, Špela Mastnak, Thomsen MerkelLive Music
Carsten Brocker, Katelyn King, Špela Mastnak, Thomsen Merkel
Live Music

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Performance has been cancelled
by Lew N Tolstoy
in an adaptation by Armin Petras
Director: Armin Petras
Due to a case of illness we are sorry to cancel today’s performance of Resurrection (Auferstehung) by Lew N Tolstoy. Tickets already bought are taken back at the box office within two weeks. Please either contact us by email at service@deutschestheater.de, stating your IBAN, or call the box office at +49 30 28441-225.
Deutsches Theater
19.00 - 22.10
Guest Performance Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg

South (Süden)

by Julien Green
Director: Thierry Mousset
20.00 - 22.00
Limited Edition


by Franz Kafka
Director: Martin Zimmermann
sold out
perh. remaining tickets at evening box office