Zdeněk Adamec

by Peter Handke
Director Jossi Wieler
Stage / Costumes Jens Kilian
Dramaturgy Tilman Raabke, Bernd Isele
German Premiere
21 October 2020
Felix Goeser
Lorena Handschin
Marcel Kohler
Bernd Moss
Linn Reusse
Regine Zimmermann

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Performance has been cancelled
by René Pollesch
Director. René Pollesch
Deutsches Theater
Performance has been cancelled
With English surtitles
by Gerhart Hauptmann
Director: Daniela Löffner
Due to an illness in the ensemble, the performance of Lonely Lives (Einsame Menschen) by Gerhart Hauptmann must unfortunately be cancelled today without replacement. Tickets already purchased can be exchanged or returned within 14 days at the theater box office.
19.00 - 22.00