How To Write About The Crisis

MIT Simona Hamer, Himali Kothari, Marwa Manai, Pat To Yan (Autor:innen), Elena Philipp (Moderation)

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Since the start of the 2023/2024 season, the DT Ensemble has been presenting short texts by international authors in a weekly podcast series: stories about hope, courage and optimism in a heating world; stories from countries who are already directly and heavily impacted by the climate emergency.

From Venezuela to the Philippines, from Australia to Uganda, this budding network of authors jointly questions the role that theatre narrations can play in the climate crisis.

Four of the authors, Simona Hamer from Slovenia, Himali Kothari from India, Marwa Manai from Tunisia and Pat To Yan from Hong Kong, will be present in Berlin during the festival. After giving writing workshops in the afternoon of 14 June, they will jointly explore the question of ‘How to Write About the Crisis’ from an international perspective, in an author’s panel moderated by nachtkritik journalist Elena Philipp.

The author panel will be livestreamed on


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