Einfach das Ende der Welt  (It’s Only The End Of The World)

BASED ON Jean-Luc Lagarce DIRECTED BY Christopher Rüping
BASED ON a translation by Uli Menke

  • DT Bühne
  • Neuproduktion
  • Taken over from Schauspielhauses Zürich
  • multiple awards

premiere on 19.01.2024

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  • heart and mind
  • childhood home

A young man returns to his family after twelve years apart. He didn’t get in touch with them at all during this period while successfully establishing himself as an artist in the big city. His heart and mind have become ever more distant from his family in the small town. And now? Is a meaningful encounter even possible? Have years without contact softened or hardened mutual judgment? Do the years spent together carry more weight than the years of distance from each other?

Together with his cast, director Christopher Rüping proceeds straight into the drama of family. This production of Einfach das Ende der Welt is a transfer from Schauspielhaus Zürich and has received numerous distinctions: an invitation to the 58th Theatertreffen in Berlin, an award as Production of the Year 2021, the Nestroy Theatre Prize 2021 for the best German-language production. The actors were equally celebrated: Benjamin Lille and Maja Beckmann were chosen as Actors of the Year 2021. With Corinna Harfouch in the role of the Mother, this production, adapted for DT, will be shown on a Berlin stage for the first time.


2 Stunden 15 Minuten, keine Pause



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