hildensaga. ein königinnendrama

by Ferdinand Schmalz DIRECTED BY Markus Bothe

  • DT Bühne
  • Neuproduktion

premiere on 28.03.2024


  • Nibelungen
  • wolfish times
  • female rage
  • Fuck The Patriarchy

Brünhild, Queen of Iceland, famed for her beauty and strength, is believed to be the invincible ruler of the Nordic polar sea.  Her father Wotan, however, promises her hand in marriage to anyone who can defeat her in a three-way fight, causing numerous suitors to lose their lives. But then a familiar face appears, the man for whom Brünhild had fallen in a brief moment before rejecting him: Siegfried, famous dragon slayer and owner of the treasure of the Nibelungen, returns as one of Gunther, King of Burgundy’ retinue, with a new task in mind. His goal is to help Gunther vanquish Brünhild, so that he himself can marry Gunther’s sister Kriemhild. With the help of a ruse, the apparently impossible is achieved: Brünhild is defeated and the planned exchanged of woman for woman is carried out. Burgundy resounds with double wedding bells.

While Brünhild, removed from her native land against her will, is forced to the altar, Kriemhild falls in love with Siegfried, breaking her own vow to renounce all men. She is unaware of Siegfried’s short history with Brünhild. But Brünhild denies Gunther’s wedding night rights and humiliates him in front of the court, which causes Siegfried to intervene once again, concealed by his magic cap. When Kriemhild finds out the truth about these cabals, she unexpectedly joins forces with her former rival.

In Ferdinand Schmalz’ new adaptation of the famous myth of the Nibelungen, the two queens break out of the constraints of their pre-determined roles. Bartered, deceived and violated by their fathers, brothers and husbands, the Hildes take a stance against the man’s world that they live in and set out on a campaign of revenge against those who have gambled with their fate.




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