The Hills Are Alive

BY AND WITH Nikolaus Habjan and Neville Tranter

  • DT Bühne
  • Neuproduktion
  • in English language, with German surtitles
  • Taken over from Schauspielhaus Graz

premiere on 06.01.2024


  • Musical
  • Walls
  • Migration

“I’m going to build a great wall and nobody builds better walls than I do”, Donald Trump promised in 2016 during his campaign for the US-American presidency. Years later, the time has finally come. The wall is built, but unfortunately it is built straight across the garden of Max and Maria von Trüb. The venerable couple, who had once brought their many children from Austria to the US to escape the Nazis, are not at all amused. They bethink themselves of their roots and decide to return home. There, the notoriously persistent and persevering European bureaucracy takes the aged couple into a chokehold and turns their repatriation process into a continuing ordeal. Finally, the von Trübs final hope lies in their dual citizenship-compatriot Arnold Schwarzenegger. Please, let him come and say: “Zero problemo!”

Neville Tranter, the Australian-born, Europe-based and internationally renowned puppeteer, made a significant contribution to the establishment of puppetry as a serious art form for grownups. He works with life-size moving-mouth puppets which have also become the hallmark of his former student Nikolaus Habjan. Today, Habjan is in high demand from major theatres as a director for opera and drama, as a puppeteer and actor, art whistler and moderator across the entire German-language region. With this play about the von Trüb family (similarities with a well-known musical family are mere coincidence, of course), these two exceptional artists fulfil their long-time dream of finally being on stage together for the first time. With their masterful puppetry and vocal artistry, they breathe life into the characters, demonstrating in an equally wickedly funny and cryptically entertaining way what walls do to people and how borders can dehumanise human beings.




 in English language

 with German surtitles

Cast and Creative

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