Der geflügelte Froschgott A recalculation of immortality

A monologue BY Ingrid Lausund REGIE FX Mayr

  • Kammer
  • world premiere


  • adrenalin
  • pizza
  • gravity
  • no temple dances

Here’s a question: If death isn’t the end, what comes next? Do we go on? And if yes, in what kind of state? And for whom? And if that should be the case, is there any way that I could enhance my chances for the beyond, and would it even make sense to try?  And how many beyonds are there approximately? The whole thing is… hard to say.

Definitely hard to say as long as every question hides the next: Does hell know that it is a metaphor? Can objects transcend? Let’s say that they can: What does a transcended pizza look like? And how does it taste? What is the criterion for being good? What is the criterion for being true? Is the winged frog-god the answer? Yes, no, maybe?

Dramatist Ingrid Lausund is an expert on the final things: Her screenplays for the cult TV-series Der Tatortreiniger, penned under the pseudonym Mizzi Meyer, won the Grimme-Award twice and the German Television Prize in 2019. With her latest theatre text, Ingrid Lausund once more sets out on the path of everything earthly and far beyond: She ventures to the place where the air gets thinner, into the intermediate realm of unsupported conjecture. There is a person in this realm of questions (or is it two? Or is it humankind?). Flung into the godforsaken solitude of a monologue, he (or she) battles the empty heavens. What emerges is a passion piece for a secularised world, a lament for sceptics, a psalm for atheists. Out of the depths I cry to Thee, who Art not there.  

Together with a group of actors, director FX Mayr turns the stage into a transit area. Here, in the place where the living have always encountered the dead, he invites the audience to celebrate. Regardless, just because and until the curtain falls.


1 Stunde 30 Minuten, keine Pause



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