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Offene Schreibworkshops mit Simona Hamer (Slowenien), Himali Kothari (Indien), Marwa Manai (Tunesien), Pat To Yan (Hong Kong) u. a. 

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Writers’ rooms are collaborative writing spaces, widely used in the writing process for TV shows, especially in the US audiovisual landscape. Starting from the assumption that overcoming the climate crisis will require us to increase collaboration and to consider multi-faceted perspectives in all areas of society, we want to test out the writers’ room process for theatre: Can a short, optimistic theatre text about the climate crisis emerge from an afternoon spent together, exchanging and jointly refining ideas before putting them to paper?

Four ATT on Air authors each lead a collaborative writing workshop for students and non-professionals, exploring together the initial ATT on Air prompt: A (fictional) story, a thought, a dream, an experience, an observation, a theoretical pamphlet… which can and should teach us, in Berlin, something new. Something that might even create hope in the context of the climate crisis and tell us how we can adapt to the changes that are coming, something that describes a small success or a big reason for optimism…

Registration: att@deutschestheater.de 

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